Why join a writing workshop

  • You can share your enthusiasm and passion for writing with like- minded people
  • You will be motivated to write more
  • You will learn to connect more easily with your creativity
  • You will be inspired by listening to others
  • You will inspire others
  • You will hear about competitions
  • You will learn about new genres
  • You can focus and set yourself targets
  • You can submit your work for critique


WHY NOT?????

Pencil writing why on paper


Creative Writing Course

If you have always wanted to write and didn’t know how to get started


If you started once upon a time, and would like to start again

This is the course for you.

Where: Blackrock, Cork

When: 13th September 2011

Times: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Length: 6 Tuesdays

Fee: €70.00

Other: Max. 8 participants

Book: Please use the Contact Form